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$199 - 3 Years of Unlimited Oil Changes

*Terms and Conditions Apply - Call for Details!

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Why should you skip the dealer?

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We are BMW-only.

Exclusively servicing one brand means we aren't distracted with splitting up our experience across other brands.


This is what we do. All of our software and tools are specifically for BMW.


Everyone at Highline owns and drives a BMW. This isn't just a job, its a passion.


How you can $AVE without 'cheaping out' 

BMW Exterior

BMW owners know, you don't cut corners with service. Unfortunately that often means the only options for servicing your BMW is bringing it to the dealer. 

You don't want to 'cheap out'. You already know that the general auto repair shop working on all makes and models doesn't really have that specific knowledge, experience and resources to offer you comparable service the dealer does.

That's where we come in.

Same Techs + Tools + Parts. Better Service.

We are BMW enthusiasts ourselves. Every technician at Highline Motorsports is a certified BMW factory trained tech. Their experience includes many years of employment at BMW dealerships as well as training from BMW directly.

You can save money with Highline Motorsport's factory trained BMW technicians and team.


Our job is servicing BMW's the right way and we take that very seriously.


We follow the proper procedures from start to finish - using the right tools, performed by the right techs with extensive experience in BMW service.

BMW Cars

Relax in our spacious customer waiting area while we take care of your BMW.  

Hang out in our customer area and enjoy free wifi / refreshments / entertainment in our climate controlled showroom.


Our new location provides a large paved parking lot that is easy to pull into with a lowered BMW. With optional indoor storage, enclosed by barb wired fence and over 20 4k res cameras recording video + audio 24/7, your BMW is in safe hands with us overnight. 


Some do it all general repair shops may under estimate how important quality OEM/OE parts are, but we know better. We NEVER install chinese or inferior aftermarket parts on your BMW. We regularly use Genuine BMW or OE brands. We save you money on parts without ever compromising quality.


Often times we quote you out for the right parts at a lower price than some general repair shops quote out on chinese parts for the same job!

Laid back sales. We aren't starving for service work like bigger dealerships are.  What this means to you is you can be assured that we will never attempt to upsell you unnecessary work for your BMW.


We will make our recommendations based on our findings and experience and let you decide from there. We do not use fear tactics to scare you with a big dollar estimate in hopes that you trade your car in. We don't sell cars, we just service BMW. 

Highline BMW Programming
Programming F30 BMW Highline



We give you more options than the dealer.


For example if your BMW needs a very expensive part, such as a DME (engine computer) you can spend thousands for this part alone. Or we can help you by sourcing a used computer.


The dealer doesn't have the tools to program a used computer like this, but we do. We can reprogram used modules (computers) to work with your BMW. Instead of spending thousands you can spend a tenth of that and move on without worries.


Sometimes parts are just too expensive regardless of being an electronic component or not.


We can help you source used engines, transmissions, and other expensive parts. Often time these parts have warranties that got you covered in the event of a failure.

More than just service.

At Highline Motorsports, we are more than just BMW Service. 

Engine building

Dyno Tuning - In House

Custom coding / programming / retrofitting

Advanced Metal fabrication and welding

Composites Design and Manufacturing

We also host track events open to all makes and models. Our experienced team can help you get your BMW setup for the track thanks to the wide range of services we offer. 

MS41 tuning on E36 Supercharged S52 Highline
Turbo Engine Build BMW highline motorsports
BMW Motorcycle
E36 M52 Turbo Highline motorsports
BMW Custom
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