Performance tuning for the MSS52 DME found in the BMW E39 M5. Available for factory stock, modified NA and supercharged applications. Custom dyno tuning available on site.

MSS52 E39 M5 Performance Tune

SKU: 0009
  • Available MSS52 Configurations

    Setup 1 - Stock tune. Reconfigured warmup lights, SAP off, EVAP off, adjusted street and dyno rev limiters. Sport button memory, EWS on or off. Servotronic steering assist changes in sport or comfort mode as well as throttle mapping can be adjusted per request. (add note to order to modify any of the above options)


    Setup 2 - Same as setup 1 combined with a performance tune loaded. Please specify in check out notes your configuration. This is for NA non bosted applications only.


    Setup 3 - Same as setup 1 combined with custom dyno tune for NA applications in house at our New York location. 


    Setup 4 - Same as setup 1 combined with a custom dyno tune in house for supercharged applications in house at our New York location.


  • This is for dedicated track and race cars only, not for street driven cars.