Performance Tuning for MS41. Please select your configuration above or contact us for a custom configuration.


Setup 1


- Swap tune - EWS, EVAP, SAP, CAT off for use in race cars / off road. Perfect tune for your engine swap.


Setup 2


- Performance Tune - Optimized factory tune for the most performance available in a competely stock configuration. EWS / EVAP / SAP / CAT are left factory. Only performance improvements are made. Most cars will see 5-10whp peak gains but 18-25wtq gains in the mid range. Swapping the OBD1 manifold out for an OBD1 M50 manifold will bring about much better gains up top with peak hp.


Setup 3


- Performance Swap Tune - Performance tune and swap tune combined. 


Setup 4


- Supercharger / Turbo Charger Performance Tune - Same as setup 3 but for boosted applications. Using 803 or Hitachi Mass air flow sensors and 41 or 60 lb injector sizes. Contact us with your specific build details when ordering. 

MS41 Performance Tuning