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If your FRM is faulty, and your BMW is outside of the FRM warranty terms - you can remove it and mail it to us for a quick repair turn around. THIS SERVICE IS FOR FRM 3 UNITS ONLY! If you are unsure what you have please send us a message first!


We repair and ship all FRM's out within the same day of receiving. We regulary repair FRM's within our service shop, as well as ones mailed to us. 


We can test your FRM to confirm its faulty and repair it - totally plug and play without any coding on your end.


Save a whole ton of money vs buying a new FRM from the dealer.

Our BMW FRM repair service does not require any other programming on your end. Just install and go.


SKU: 0006
  • The FRM module controls the lighting among other things in your e series BMW. The FRM can fail without warning during a low battery condition, programming, or even reading fault codes. These fail so often that BMW has extended their warranty to replace these modules. However if you are outside of that warranty a new FRM can cost you hundreds of dollars plus labor and programming to replace. We can repair them same day for a fraction of the cost.

  • Some symptoms of a failed FRM:


    1 - Headlights - low beam always on - no high beam functionality.\

    2 - Power windows not working

    3. - Indicators (blinkers) not working