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These are our custom designed V2 second generation side skirts for the BMW E30. Like our front lip, we focus on fitment, quality and ease of installation / removal.


Compared to our V1 original E30 side skirts, our new V2 side skirts offer a much more OEM+ look. If the V1 skirts are "too much" for your tastes, these new V2's should be the perfect compromise between them and the OEM "IS" skirts. 


We have developed and improved on our proprietary mounting solution that allows for easy installation as well as incredibly quick removal. Our original skirts used injection molded brackets, we have since improved the design and they are now offered in steel construction!

(Our V1 orders will start to ship with steel brackets in the near future)



These skirts can be removed in less than 60 seconds.


NO drilling or cutting.

NO special tools, just a 13mm and 10mm socket.


All hardware is metric stainless steel.


Tested for high speed street and track driving these skirts will hold up to the task and look great at the same time.


Will fit ALL BMW E30 Sedan / Coupe / Convertible early and late model !

Note: early model E30's have a slightly shorter rocker length leaving these skirts with 1/8-1/4" on each end.



E30 V2 OEM+ Side Skirts

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