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This is a DIRECT REPLACEMENT (not a delete)  to the factory sunroof for the BMW E30. 


Using factory hardware and the factory gasket / seal. This will open and tilt like the factory part.

NOTE: This does not come with a gasket / seal. Reuse original or buy new Genuine BMW.


This sunroof is available in 100% FULL carbon fiber or other special versions. If you want to save a ton of money, check out our fiberglass version which fits and performs exactly the same. 


Our carbon fiber sunroof is high quality. You will notice the straight weave firmly pressed up against the surface. The corners are tight and not filled with excess resin.


Our resin is proprietary to us and does not yellow or dull over time. You can purchase our carbon fiber parts WITH or WITHOUT clear coat finish. You will not find messy hand laid fiberglass on the backside of this part. The inner skin is 100% carbon fiber and beautifully made. 


This part has been tested for fit and finsh in various early and late model E30's. No buffeting or collapsing at high speed. 


In addition to being much cheaper than the factory OEM metal piece ($700), you will enjoy great weight savings as well with no potential issues of rust !


Replacing the factory panel in general is not the most enjoyable task for most out there. Research the procedure beforehand or have a professional do it for you. If you're doing it yourself, be cautious and do not overtighten the factory hardware into the (old) plastic rails. These rails by todays day and age are weakened and can crack easily, so be gentle. While the fit and finish of our panel is identical to the factory piece - both the factory panel and ours require some adjustment and most of all patience. No trimming or cutting / modifications will ever be needed to fit our part.


E30 Sunroof - Carbon Fiber